Friday, August 22, 2008

New Stuff

This is a piece I've been noodling for awhile, a couple minutes here a couple minutes there. Finally yesterday I decided to just finish it, so after finishing the frame and adding the color this is what I got.

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Jon Affolter said...

BRYYYYYYCE!!! (and RAAAACHEL!!!) {and also, BABY BRYCE!!!}
Great Stuff, man! I had no idea you were in 3D now. That's ALSO what happens when you become fall out of the loop. But I just started a short contract at Bardel, until end of Jan. 6 months on E.I. has come to an end.
Just wanted to wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy Holidays! Drop me an email sometime. We need to get together, my friend. It's been way too long. PEACE!